Gymnastics For All Coaching Staff
KAYLA BONNELL - Gymnastics For All Program Director

Kayla’s involvement in gymnastics began at an early age as an athlete, a coach and then as an administrator of gymnastics.  She has worked at a number of gymnastics centres in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Alberta and continues to work toward the development of recreational gymnastics in Alberta and in Canada.  As a coordinator on the AGF Recreational Development Committee she assists in the organization and development of recreational based events in Alberta such as GymFest and REC Retreat. 

Kayla has currently completed her Level 3 (Technical) and is certified Level 2 (Artistic Gymnastics), Level 2 (Trampoline) and Level 1 (Rhythmic Gymnastics).  She is also certified in First Aid/CPR, Respect in Sport, Respect in Sport - Risk Management (Ontario Gymnastics), Safety/Risk Management (USA Gymnastics), and has completed her P2 judging (Women’s Gymnastics).  To further her knowledge, Kayla has also attended the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show in Dallas, TX (2009) and Hartford, CT (2010) and the AGF REC Retreat in 2007 and 2010.
Geoff Patterson 
GFA Program Coordinator 

Geoff comes to Calgary Gymnastics Centre from Vancouver having spent the past 26 years working thought southern BC, in the position of Gymnastics Coach/Administrator.  Geoff has been responsible for the planning, development and implementation of Rec/Ed Preschool and Youth

Gymnastics programing at several Gymnastics Clubs, as well as at the municipal level (community centres).   He strongly believes that Gymnastics has much to offer both athlete and non athlete alike. Expanding on this belief over the past 5 years, Geoff has designed a

participatory Dynamic Adaptive Movement program for children and young adults facing the challenges of Special Needs.

Geoff is a fully Certified N.C.C.P. Coach in Level 1 Boys, Level 2 Artistic and Trampoline as well as having certifications in Kids in Motion, Acrix, Respect in Sport, Risk Management, First Aid/CPR.

Spencer Hunt

GFA Program Coordinator

Spencer has worked at Calgary Gymnastics Centre for the last 6 years. He began coaching here as a student while attending the University of Calgary where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Growing up Spencer played every sport imaginable but his primary focus was hockey. While in University he split his time between coaching gymnastics and working as a Strength and Conditioning coach. He ultimately found his passion in working with young children and helping them develop into strong and confident individuals in and out of the gym.
Uschi Donaleshen 
GFA Program Coordinator 

Uschi has over 30 years of experience working with preschool and competitive athletes. Her coaching career and education began in Europe with the German Gymnastics Federation.  Earning all the coaching degrees available to her through the German Federation, Uschi was able to work with the Provincial Head Coaches and conducted clinics for both athletes and coaches. After moving to Canada her focus shifted to the recreational program.

Amanda Irving

GFA Program Coordinator 

Amanda is born and raised in Calgary and has been involved in the gymnastics community from the age of 2. She was a competitive athlete in Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling as well as diving.  Amanda began coaching at the age of 13 working with athletes from pre-school to competitive levels.  Amanda's career choice came from her love of the sport of gymnastics and the children she works with.

Hannele Gordon
GFA Program Coordinator

Hannele joined the sport of gymnastics while a high school student in Ontario.  Coaching helped fund her university education and during this time developed a love for instructing children in an athletic environment.  Taking a break from the sport to teach primary school and travel the world, Hannele expanded her experience working with children in a multitude of settings.  Upon returning to Canada she once again joined the world of gymnastics, and now calls Calgary Gymnastics Centre home.

Deb Shelstad
GFA Program Coordinator
Debbie's love for gymnastics began at a young age as a recreational athlete and went on to compete for a while during her high school years.  She acquired her Level 1 Coaching Certification in college while studying Leisure Services.  Debbie has been a coach for more than 20 years, 10 of which have been with the Calgary Gymnastics Centre.  In addition to her coaching responsibilities, Debbie is the Party Coordinator who goal is to make children's parties a fun and enjoyable experience.
Esther Van Huigenbos
GFA Program Coordinator 

Esther has been working at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre since the age of 16. She started coaching in the evening GFA program and is now involved in a variety of GFA'S programs. Esther worked at the Langley Gymnastics Centre while studying in British Columbia and then returned to Calgary Gymnastics Centre when she completed her degree in Psychology at the University of Calgary. Esther loves having the opportunity to work with children of all different ages. Her passion lies in striving to positively influence each child's physical, cognitive, and emotional development through the sport of gymnastics.
Andrea Zeiler
GFA Program Coordinator
Born and raised in Calgary, Andrea began participating in gymnastics at the age of 7. She was trained through Gymnastic Canada’s CANGYM Program and later joined a performance-based team which presented floor routines across Alberta, consisting of gymnastics, dance and cheer elements. Andrea’s passion for gymnastics, and love of working with youth, easily translated into a career of coaching. She is a certified N.C.C.P Active Start, Level 1 Trampoline, and Level 2 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics coach. In addition to this, Andrea is a graduate from the University of Calgary with her Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies. Andrea’s university studies inspired her to take on the coordination of many of CGC’s community initiatives.