Facility Rentals
Trampoline and Gym
Gymnastics is about how the body moves and therefore the foundation sport for all physical activity and sports and is recognized as such by the IOC.  It demands a full range of physical and mental attributes.  All participants benefit from our attention to excellence in programming and coaching at all stages of development, for all levels of interest and ability.  Programs provided are primarily structured to support a given sport's LTAD model, focusing on a combination of gymnastics fundamentals and sport specific skills.  Gymnastics is said to be the ultimate human movement experience.

Cross Training
In this program we aim to develop strength, coordination, balance, agility, and active and passive flexibility.

Through our training and exposure to other sports, we have designed a series of drills and stations with each individual sport in mind.

Dance Studio
The dance studio is ideal for dance or martial arts groups looking for extra space to learn skills in a safe environment.  The dimensions are 19' by 47' and is equipped with a ballet barre on three walls and a 35' mirror on the remaining wall.  Use of the roll up foam floor mats is available upon request.
Private Lessons
If you are in need of one-on-one or small group (4 or less participants) instruction to aid in the development of specific skills, private lessons is a great option.  Our highly skilled coaches have worked with dancers, cheerleaders, snowboarders, skiers, soccer players, wake boarders and others to hone their abilitieis.  You can work with your personal coach to build a plan to increase strength, flexibility and/or work on specific skills.

There are two annual fees (valid July 1 - June 30):  Alberta Gymnastics Federation Fee of $34 and the Equipment Usage Fee of $50.  In additional the hourly rate for the coach.

School Groups
Bring your class to our facility to experience gymnastics in a fun and safe environment.  Use of Trampolines, beams, bars and the foam pits are just some of the fun things your group will enjoy.  Gymnastics is the perfect activitiy for the development of physical literacy; the benefits of which go far beyond sport participation and is an important life skill.