Cross Training Programs
The programs provided are primarily structured to support your sport's LTAD model, focusing on a combination of gymnastics fundamentals and sport specific skills.
Program Overview
Using our knowledge fo gymnastics, functional strength and flexibility training, Calgary Gymnastics Centre has developed a solid and productive off ice training program specifically designed for hockey.  The IOC recognizes gymnastics as a foundation for all physical activity and sports.  With Calgary Gymnastics Centre's off ice program, your team's training no longer needs to consist of just long distance running and bench pressing.  This method is simply not enough and not the smartest approach to lead your athletes to the head of the pack.  Along with the support of hockey players and trainers from Calgary and across Canada, we believe in our programs design and it's ability to improve your team!  We believe you should train the way you play, because you play the way you train.
Getting Started with CGC
Choosing your Training Program

Calgary Gymnastics Centre's off ice training is broken into two distinct programs to meet all of your team's needs - Physical Preparation and Trampoline & Gymnastics.  During your preliminary discussions with our Facility Rental Coordinator, you will discuss both of these programs and how each of them can complement your current training plan.  Then, choose from either of these programs, or, as an alternative, you can try a combination of both.

Athlete Assessment

To know what type of training and where to progress that training, we need to have a starting point.  Every athlete will initially be put through a sequence of tests to determine a base line of physical competency and track progression throughout their off ice program.  This progress helps the athletes stay motivated and get the maximum from their off ice training.  These tests will be in categories including strength, power, speed, reaction time, flexibility and mobility.
Training Programs
Physical Preparation Training

In the Physical Preparation for Hockey Program, our philosophy is centered around six main aspects of physical preparation and development.  Here we will build base strength by focusing on a combination of elements including - balance, power, speed, endurance and flexibility.

STRENGTH is the necessary foundation of balance, power and speed.  For younger players, any improvements in strength will support improvement in all other bio mechanical qualities.

BALANCE is a key element in many sports, including hockey.  By building base strength and introducing balance an athlete's strength becomes more applicable on a functional level.

POWER can be developed for efficiency through the use of plyometrics and other exercises.  We don't just train individual muscles, but teach the body to work together as a whole.

SPEED will be developed through a complex of running drills focused to increase coordination, balance, stride length and speed.

ENDURANCE can be introduced once strength and the other bio mechanical qualities have been developed.  At this stage athletes work at high intensity for progressively increasing periods of time with relatively short rest periods, never allowing fatigue to harm technique.  This helps teach the athlete how to recover quickly and develops the stamina and endurance required for on ice.

FLEXIBILITY increases mobility and, in turn, decreases the chance for injury.  Every training session will include a flexibility component.

Trampoline & Gymnastics Training

Gymnastics is about how the body moves and demands a full range of physical and mental attributes.  All participants benefit from our attention to excellence in programming and coaching at all stages of development, levels of interest and ability.  Programs provided are primarily structured to support your sport's LTAD model, with a focus on a combination of gymnastics fundamentals and sport specific skills.  Gymnastics is said to be the ultimate human movement experience.