School Group Rentals

Is your school looking for an exciting option to enrich your physical education programs?
Calgary Gymnastics Centre offers Field Trips and Physical Education Classes for School Groups.

Supplement to PE classes

The Calgary Gymnastics Centre recognizes not all schools have access to a wide range of gymnastics equipment but feel gymnastics is a necessary and useful inclusion in physical education.  We would like to invite your school to participate in an exciting gymnastics program designed with your students in mind.  From pre-schoolers to young adults, we can accommodate groups large and small.  The program is designed to suit your needs whether it is for a one time field trip or a continual program – we are flexible!

Developing Physical Literacy

Gymnastics contributes significantly to overall fitness and physical literacy because it uses muscle groups and body orientations that are uncommon to many other activities.

The most useful aspect of the “Activity of Gymnastics” is the principle that you teach a student to control their own body in a variety of situations.  Utilizing the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics: locomotions, springs, swings, statics, rotations and landings, the student will be taught, via the activity of gymnastics, to develop total control of his/her body.

It seems quite reasonable to assume that if students can first control and manoeuvre their own bodies with a fairly high degree of skill, then they can subsequently better control and manoeuvre themselves PLUS and implement (bat, stick, racket) or themselves plus a projectile (ball, discus, etc.).  Likewise, they could then better control themselves in various mediums (water, snow, etc.), or better handle themselves PLUS an opponent.  The very nature of the “Activity of Gymnastics” is to enhance our physical abilities and our basic motor abilities.

Have FUN!

During your time with us, certified and enthusiastic instructors will lead the students through a variety of developmentally appropriate games and activities.  Students will receive basic gymnastics instruction on a full range of gymnastics apparatus in a safe, fun and physically active environment.  Our 2 facilities are equipped with all the equipment needed to create the best gymnastics experience and can be booked based on availability.  The atmosphere is upbeat, fun and motivating. We are confident that your students will have a positive experience with us.  Join the many daycares, public, private and nursery schools that have brought their students to us to enjoy a fun-filled class.

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