Trampoline and Tumbling Program

The Calgary Gymnastics Centre T&T Program strives to give athletes the opportunity to develop self-image, physical and mental strength, and attain goals through competitive tumbling and trampoline. It is designed to teach goal setting, and then enable the athlete to work at reaching and achieving them. Our sport is a very individual sport, yet Calgary Gymnastics Centre athletes experience a sense of team pride and accomplishments. While winning is always a goal, as with any other sport, attention is paid on each gymnast at their level to attain their personal best. Many Calgary Gymnastics Centre gymnasts may be able to experience the sport at many levels, but the main objective is to reach the very top provincial, national and international levels.


  • Develop Canadian National Team athletes in Tumbling, Trampoline, DMT.
  • Have our athletes learn to reach goals through determination, a strong work ethic, and planning and achieve their personal potential.
  • Pre-comp, provincial, national and international level athletes and coaches who are happy, confident, prepared and motivated.

Yearly Tryouts

As cited in our athlete contracts, each child’s participation in the program is subject to continual evaluation. At the end of this season, our program will hold team tryouts. Each child will be evaluated on their ability to perform physically and technically. Whether or not they will continue to be awarded a contract will be based on this evaluation and upon a review of their personal progress. Attitude and effort over the entire year in all areas of training and competition will also be considered.